Federal Changes For Short Term Rentals 

📢 Breaking News! Federal Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland is set to unveil a fall fiscal update that includes a significant measure to reshape the landscape of short-term rentals in Canada. 🍁

🏠 What's Changing?
Property owners in areas with existing restrictions on short-term rentals will no longer be able to claim their rental expenses against the income they generate. This move aims to reduce the appeal of listing properties on platforms like Airbnb, discouraging property owners from flouting local regulations.

📉 Changing the Financial Equation
According to a senior federal official, this measure is expected to "change the financial equation" for property owners engaged in short-term rentals. The government's goal is to curb the incentive to bypass local restrictions and contribute to the housing supply dilemma.

🏗️ Addressing Housing Supply Demands
As Canada grapples with the need for increased housing supply, the federal government is taking steps to align financial policies with housing objectives. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation highlighted the necessity of adding at least 3.5 million units to make homes more affordable within the next decade.

💰 Additional Funds for New Construction
While additional funds will be allocated for new construction in Tuesday's fall financial update, the government is also emphasizing the importance of optimizing existing housing stock to alleviate the current housing crunch.

📰 Background:
The housing crisis has spurred demands for swift action, with stories of families affected by rising mortgage rates and overcrowded rentals. Despite housing being primarily under the jurisdiction of provincial and municipal governments, the federal government is responding with billions in spending on housing programs and projects.